Registration of private education institutions in Somaliland

All nationals have the right to establish private schools, centers, institutes, kindergartens, Madaris/religious schools, and technical/vocation education centers, other formal or non-formal schools, universities etc in Somaliland with the investigation, accreditation and approval of the respective departments under the Ministry of Education & Science.

Procedure for registration of private formal and non-formal schools:

Department of the Private Schools under the Ministry of Education & Science is mandated to inspect, and evaluate for eligibility, and officially register private schools of elementary, intermediate, and secondary education levels, as well as non-formal/adult schools, institutes, centers, and Islamic Madaris. The procedure is as follows:-

  • Application to the Private Schools Department;
  • Complete School Profile Form – answering all requirements regarding the new school such as school name, school type, owner(s) name(s), school strategic vision, mission, school board structure if any, location and suitability of the building,  school type, school size, academic or religious, number of classes and its other facilities, list of the teachers and their qualifications and the other staff, type of the school building ownership (PrivaTelly owned, state-owned, community-owned), fitness of the school building, type of curriculum;
  • Assessment (Site visit) by the Private Schools Department for inspecting, and evaluating suitability of the school against the applicant provided information;
  • Process fee SL Shillings 200,000;
  • Tax tariffs for secondary, intermediate and elementary education services vary as $300, $200 and $100 respectively.
  • Registration Certificate will be issued to the new school;


Registration of Technical/vocational education schools:

  • Submit profile and application to the TVET Department of the Ministry of Education & Science;
  • Assessment (Site visit) for suitability by the TVET Department Supervisor;
  • Receipt of registration fee of SL Shillings 1,000,000 to the Inland Revenue Department of the Ministry Finance Development;
  • Complete information forms (Available at the TVET Department);
  • Accreditation certificate valid for one year will be issued by the Ministry of Education & Science.



  • All private education institutions are responsible to fully comply with the Ministry Policy, and the rules and regulations of the country. They must not in no way or form involve in political issues, and be harmful to the country’s culture, religion etc;
  • The respective departments conduct timely monitoring and supervision of the schools, and has database and statistics of all the different privately owned schools in eight districts of Hargeisa;
  • All private schools or other private education institutions are responsible for collecting payroll tax of 6% based on the teacher’s salary for 9 months in the year to the Ministry of Finance Development. An average teacher’s salary is supposed $500 for calculating this payroll tax to the government.


Minimum standard requirements for accrediting universities

There is Minimum Standard Requirements Document developed by Somaliland Commission for Higher Education in 2014 for conducting assessments of minimum standards compliance for institution of Higher Education by dedicated personnel only. This document is currently used for verifying new universities or the other higher education institutions are meeting the standard obligations, and are eligible for accreditation and licensing. The document contains Sixteen (16) general categories of standards which are further subdivided into individual standard questions. 

Standard 1: Universities Governance and Structure;

Standard 2:  Universities Human Resources;

Standard 3:  Academic programmes;

Standard 4:  Financial resources;

Standard 5:  Administration & Support Services;

Standard 6:  Standards of Teaching and Learning;

Standard 7:  Student Learning Outcome Assessment;

Standard 8:  Research and innovation;

Standard 9:  Community services;

Standard 10:  Constituent Colleges and Campuses;

Standard 11:  Academic Integrity and Standards;

Standard 12:  Standards of Physical Resources and Structural Safety;

Standard 13:  Quality Assurance and Monitoring;

Standard 14:  Students Admission Procedures (Admission Criteria/Benchmarks);

Standard 15:  Monitoring Procedures & Review of Core Activities and

Standard 16:  Gender Equity – Techniques Encouraging Female Participation and Learning.


NOTE. Anybody interested in knowing further information of establishing university or other higher education institution in Somaliland, should contact Somaliland Higher Education Commission or Directorate General of Higher Education under the Ministry of Education & Science.

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