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Ministry of National Planning & Coordination of the Republic of Somaliland has designed Information Guide titled “The Law Governing International NGOs in Somaliland” available online in the Ministry Website to help INGOs understand and abide by respective law requirements, rules and regulations of the country in order to operate in Somaliland.  The information guide  covers the most relevant issues that the NGO law requires from the INGOs working in Somaliland which include what they are obliged to do and what they are expected not to do, process of registration, and other regulatory measures aimed to add value to the impact of their operation in Somaliland.

Registration Procedures and Processes of INGOs in Somaliland:

An International NGO must not carry out its activities in Somaliland unless it has obtained permission from the Ministry of National planning and Development which is the Governmental institution responsible for this task. To apply registration in Somaliland an International NGO requires completing Form B1 and submitting the following documentation to the Registrar General at the Ministry of National Planning and Development:

  • A completed Application for Registration Form B1 signed by the founders or people authorized to do so. (Form B1 is available at the Ministry Coordination Department Office or and online at www.slministryofplanning );
  • A certificate of registration from country of origin and a proof of own operating office in country of origin;
  • Evidence of similar work carried out in country of origin or other countries;
  • Proof of funds secured from a donor not resident in Somaliland;
  • A profile of the organization which includes its aim, structure, head office, other countries where it works or is registered;
  • A copy of your constitution indicating the areas your organization is aiming to work ;
  • It one year activity plan, sources of funds and itemised budget for your operations in the country
  • The address of your headquarters;
  • A receipt or proof of payment of the registration fee;
  • An attestation of your existence from the foreign office of the country of origin or the nearest embassy and declaration of responsibility for your actions;
  • The CVs of your international staff and certificate of no criminal conviction from their respective countries;
  • A written justification of international staff as to why they are needed;
  • CVs of the founders, their passport-sized photos and certificate of no criminal conviction in their countries ;
  • Proof of that the objectives of your programs are consistent with national policies and plans;
  • A letter of intent or agreement with the ministry you want to work with;
  • A program or a project which fits into the work plan of the ministry or the agency you are working with;
  • An evidence of an own office with a decision making authority in the country;
  • A nominal administrative fee of registration for INGOs to pay to the Ministry of Finance is $1,000, and the annual renewal fee is $500;
  • An INGO whose certificate of registration has expired and seeking re-registration will be considered to be a new registrant.

For further information, please refer to the Ministry Information Guide which is available online which also states  Obligations and Prohibitions (Do’s and Don’ts),  Letter of Agreement Following Registration (LOA) with a Line Ministry, Accounting and Reporting Requirements , Necessary Cooperation, End of Project Life Assets, Taxation and Tax Exemption, Legal Personality, Responsibility and Diplomatic Immunity, Disciplinary Action, and Labor Law related issues.

For assistance, contact; Ministry of National Planning and Development, Department of Coordination, Telll: +2522-400-3460 Email:  Website:

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