Register Fishing Company in Somaliland

Department of Fishing under the Ministry of Livestock & Fishery Development is responsible for registration of fishing businesses, and issuance of respective licenses as follows:-

  • Application letter to the Fishery Department;
  • Complete Application Form (Available at the department);
  • Registration fee of SL Shillings 600,000 for national applicants; and then payment SL Shillings 1,500,000 for getting Fishing License issued;
  • Registration fee of $300 for joint ventures (Including foreigner), and payment of $1,000 for getting Fishing License issued;
  • Registration fee of $500 for foreigners, and $1,500 for getting Fishing License issued;
  • The registration certificate is one time-issued document, but the license is annually renewed;
  • The process may take few days, less than a week.



  • The respective taxes levied for export of fisheries is 10% for nationals, 15% for joint ventures, and 20% for foreigners;
  • The above license(s) is provided for those firms established to trade in catching fish either for export or local consumption, but not those trading in the resell of the product, fish/seafood markets which instead are licensed by the Ministry of Commerce.
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