Obtain Minerals Prospecting and Dealership Permits

Procedure for obtaining Prospecting Permit:-

A prospecting permit is a document (Sectoral License) issued by the Minerals Department of the Ministry of Energy & Minerals which allows the bearer to conduct prospecting operations in Somaliland.

  • Application letter to the Ministry of Energy & Minerals;
  • Articles of Association written in Somali and English Languages;
  • Somaliland National Identity Cards, CVs of the founders (Educational background, and expertise);
  • Registered office (Specify if other branch offices exist);
  • Company profile (Address, background, vision, mission, core values, objectives, strategic plan etc)
  • Bank statement;
  • Agreement statement issued by a public notary office;
  • Pay the prescribed, non-refundable application fee;
  • Feasibility study of the interested area by the department staff;
  • Tax clearance certificate if any;
  • Once accepted, the Minerals Department will ask you to submit an environmental management plan/sustainable development plan and the consultation agreement with the legal occupier of the land as well as any other affected party within 30 days period;
  • Finally, the Ministry will officially accept if all the above requirements are met, and the Prospecting Permit will be issued for your business.


  • Prospecting permits are aimed at controlling mine digging, having regard to considerations for health and safety, environmental management and the responsible extraction of minerals;
  • No person can do mining without having obtained a prospecting permit at the stage;
  • Both locals and foreigners are allowed to apply for prospecting permit only if they are capable in terms of technicality, finance, and expertise;
  • Prospecting permits are not transferrable;
  • A prospecting permit is valid for the period specified in the permit, but if ma however be shortened if the bearer succeeds his/her investigation prior to its expiring by requesting the issuance of mining permit;
  • A prospecting permit may only be issued if the mineral in question can be mined optimally for several years, and also the mining area extent is allowed as specified by the Somaliland Mining & Minerals Act.


Dealership Permit:

A dealership permit is a document (Sectoral license) issued by the Minerals Department of the Ministry of Energy & Minerals which allows the bearer to purchase or sell minerals (Either gemstone or industrial minerals).


Procedure for obtaining Dealership Permit:

  • Formal application letter to the Director General;
  • Appropriately Complete Form 1  (Available at the Minerals Department);
  • Pay the prescribed,  non-refundable application fee;
  • Your company’s brand name and emblem  will be checked;
  • Company’s assets (Office, equipment etc)  are compulsory and will be supervised by the department staff;
  • Articles of Association  written in Somali and English languages;
  • Profile of the company (Address, background, vision, mission, core values, objectives, strategic plan etc);
  • Bank statement (With minimum share capital requirement of $20,000);
  • Registered public notary authentication letter on the company’s Article of Association
  • After all, certificate of incorporation  and  Attorney General’s approval letter will be processed by the mandated institutions;
  • Tax clearance certificate, if any.


  • No person is allowed to engage in such business without obtaining legal permission;
  • The dealership permit is only issued to the nationals of Somaliland but not to the foreigners;
  • Dealership is not transferable, but if someone acts contrarily then the involved parties will be asked to pay extra fees for their act;
  • The Dealership permit is issued to control minerals deals with regard to consideration for the investment, and development of the minerals industry in the country;
  • A dealership permit is valid for the period specified in the permit and always cannot exceed one year. It may however be renewed for each successive years as the specified time expired.

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NOTE: For  information of Somaliland Mining Regulations, schedules to mining regulations, prescribed fees, royalty, and list of prescribed forms, fees and rents applicable to prospecting and mining for minerals other than hydrocarbons, fees and rents for exploration and mining for hydrocarbons, as well as other general fees, follow the.


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