Know more other business licenses and issuing authorities

Here are other different Business Licenses and the respective Issuing Authorities in the Republic of Somaliland:

– Telecommunication service license              Ministry of Telecommunication & Technology

– Water Drilling Permit                                   Ministry of Water Development

– Private media Institution License                 Ministry of Information, Awareness & Culture

– Farm ownership certificate                          Ministry of Agriculture Development

– Private security service License                   Ministry of Interior

– Health services licenses                               Ministry of Health Development/NHPC

– Health education/trainings                          Ministry of Education/NHPC

– Land transport service license                     Ministry of Transport & Roads Development

– Livestock heath export certificate                Ministry of Livestock & Fishery Development

– Air Transport License                                    Somaliland Air Aviation Organization

– Animal fodder                                               Ministry of Environment & Rural Development

– Foreign Investment Approval/Registration Ministry of Investment

Diaspora Registration

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