Land Properties

Make land property FILE:

Somaliland Constitution provides that all land and natural resources in Somaliland are ‘public property commonly owned by the nation and administered by the state, and so that the owner is supposed tenant because anytime the state can withdraw the land and will give compensation to the landlord. Nevertheless, the Constitution projects rights of all citizens to the sanctity of the home, to access justice, and to own private property.

If you own a land as property which you bought or obtained in another lawful way, you must legally register your plot(s) of land at the Municipality of the City it locates and make the land property FILE. The process from the District level (Waaxda/Degmada) to the Municipal Council (DawladdaHoose) is more bureaucratic but not difficult and may not even take you more than two weeks provided that your ownership is clear and not uncertain.

Procedure for land property registration:

  • Submit application for the land registration enclosed with copy of the Public Notary Certificate or any other legal evidence certifying your ownership of the land to the office of the District Commission in which your plot(s) locates;
  • At the District Commission (Waaxda/Degmada), fill in the Land Registration Form;
  • Pay SL Shillings 200,000 to the District Commission Office on submitting of the form;
  • A Municipal Personnel/Geometer (Joomitir) will follow you to see it and check, measure it and make ensure that your plot(s) is in line with the proper town map (Town planning);
  • The District Commission will sign the form; 
  • You will pay sum of $250-350 to the whole process for the 40×60 or 80×60 and 80×80 respectively;
  • The EXECUTIVE form (Foomka Fulinta) will be filled in and put in the FILE;
  • Finally, you will take an original copy of your FILE and a carbon copy will be recorded in the Archives Section of the respective Municipal Council;

 Build a house or other type of real estate:

You can only build a house or other type of real estate, or can make to it any type of modification, if you already have the land property FILE. Once you have its document, the procedure is then simple and easy as shown below:


  • Take your FILE to the District Commission which your land locates (Waaxda/Degmada);
  • Complete Land Construction Request Form (Available at the District Office);
  • Pay SL Shillings 300,000;
  • Take the Land Area Map and be followed by a Geometer to the site to check it is properly in line with the proper town plan;
  • If it is correct, the Geometer will mark red (Casayn) to approve your plot is in the area map to its accurate dimensions registered in the FILE;
  • You can start to build your house;
  • Once you build your house, you will have to pay annual tax of between $15 to $40 for small residential houses to large houses and bungalows respectively by the end of each year.
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