What is the challenge to driving in Somaliland?

  • Somaliland includes in the right side driving countries and the Somaliland Traffic Law states and enforces this while on the opposite over 99% of the cars sold and driven in Somaliland are right hand drivers or have the steering wheel on the right side of the car;
  • Many of the traffic policemen may not read English and at the same time most of the foreign driving licenses those Somalilanders from the Diaspora have are issued in different foreign languages such as Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch, and German which are not spoken in Somaliland. Therefore if you are stopped and asked questions, you should keep cooperative by explaining the identity of your driving license and Tellling that you are driving with this in accordance to Article 72 of the Somaliland Traffic Law No 56/2013 and that you know it well.
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