Drive in Somaliland

General Traffic Rules & Procedures:

Under the Somaliland Traffic Law No 56/2013, general traffic rules of the country including the following:

  • Somaliland is right side driving road;
  • Eligible age for getting driving license is 18 years;
  • The driving speed limit within inhabited areas, towns and cities is not higher than 40kms per hour;
  • For the transports carrying passengers or vital goods, driving speed limit is not higher than 30kms per hour when passing by inhabited areas, towns and cities , and speed limit of not higher than 60kms per hour in the outside areas;
  • Any person caught driving without a license shall be charged of a prison sentence starting from 1 to 6 months and a fine starting from SL SH 100,000 to SL SH 200,000;
  • If you lose the Vehicle Registration Book, immediately inform the Traffic Police Authorities within 48 hours and you will be granted an attestation letter for temporary
  • As a rule, the driver must have valid license, and Vehicle Registration Book, and must be taxpayer having the respective six-month road tax sticker attached on the front mirror.
  • If you purchased the car, make sure to have the Registration Book transferred to your name at once, or you will encounter accusation of it because some of the people don’t change the name to evade the payable transfers tax of the government;
  • If you are driving a rented vehicle, make sure to have the Car Rent Agreement Form with you, and your driving license. If you still encounter difficult with the traffic policemen, raise your complaint to your customer Motor Sale & Rent Centre;
  • If you are driving a car you were lent by a friend or family member, then make sure you have the Vehicle Registration Book inside and show it up to the policemen when you are asked;
  • Failure to follow the rule can result legal punishment including fine of money, arrest, and may put you in trouble;
  • Somaliland Diaspora Agency issued a circulated a decree to Somaliland Roads Security Force to consider the legality of using the foreign driving license by Somaliland Diaspora returnees within Somaliland.
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