Apply Temporary Driving Permit

Although the country’s traffic law allows driving with foreign licenses, traffic policemen sometimes find difficult to identify the far-off driving documents,  since Somalilanders from the Diaspora hold driving licenses of various world countries, and at the same time written in different languages such as Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Dutch etc which are not spoken in Somaliland. In this case, if you may like to stay short time and may not decide to have Somaliland driving license issued for you as stated above, then you have option to request Temporary Diving Permit from the Transport Department. The procedure is simply as follows:-

  • Complete Application Form (Available at the Transport Department Office);
  • Copy of your foreign driving license (It must valid document);
  • Two recent passport size photos;
  • Pay fee SL Shillings 500,000;
  • You will take the completed form and original receipt of the paid fee attached to it. You can drive with this document as long as you may be staying;
  • Both nationals of Somaliland Diaspora and foreigners can apply.
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