Register new local Nongovernmental Organization (LNGOs) in Somaliland

Coordination Department of the Ministry of National Planning & Development has the mandate to register, renew, and coordinate   local or national NGOs as well as international organizations operating in the country, and the projects they are implementing, or funding respectively.

Procedure and basic requirements for registration of new local NGO:

  • First, visit the Coordination Department of the Ministry of National Planning & Development to verify the new organization name you selected is available;
  • New Local NGOs registration form completed, and signed;
  • List of at least five-member board of directors, signed, and with passport size photos attached (Original);
  • Constitution of the local NGO signed by all the members, and approved by a Notary Public/Law Maker;
  • Police clearance certificates issued by the Finger Print Office at the Criminal Investigation Department (Original). To request this, submit application letter, enclosed with a copy of your National Identity Card, your CV, and a recent passport size photo. Remember that you can only get this issued for you unless you have the National Identity Card;
  • CVs of the five members board of directors;
  • List of the new organization property (I.e. office equipments, transports, furniture etc);
  • Annual plan of the organization (Complete the form with at least one project you intended to implement next year);
  • Application letter for registration to the Ministry of National Planning & Development;
  • Registration fee for a new local NGO is SL Shillings 1,000,000, and there is also SL Shillings 200,000 additional to pay (Not tax but service fee);
  • Make all contents of the file you are submitting original, and that you have a copy of each one for a similar file you must have;  
  • Upon verification and approval of the Coordination Department, you will be awarded registration certificate valid for one year. The renewal fee shall be SL Shillings 500,000 per annum;
  • There are several consultancy firms that can provide you guidance for the process if you are interested;
  • The whole process may take to complete 4-6 days or less than a week time.


Read the Somaliland Law No Xeerka Ururada Samafalka aan Dawliga ahayn ee Wadaniga ah (USDAW)

Visit the website to download new Local NGO Registration Form, and for further information of the Ministry functions.

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