Obtain Construction License

Procedure for obtaining construction license:

Ministry of Public Works, Land & Housing is responsible for registering and issuing licenses of construction contracting companies in Somaliland. The procedure is as follows:-

  • Application to the Construction Department of the Ministry;
  • Company constitution (Somali and English versions) stating name, logo, vision, mission, type of construction services/scope of work, ownership, management, list of owner(s), company assets, etc;
  • Two recent passport size photos;
  • Copy of Somaliland National ID;
  • The Construction Department will verify the name you selected is exclusive to your company as they have database of all registered and licensed companies nationwide;
  • Receipt of the respective license (A, B, C, tariffs of 3000,000 SL Shillings, 2, 000,000 SL Shillings and 1,500,000 SL Shillings respectively with tax clearance from the Inland Revenue Department of the Ministry of Finance Development;
  • Particularly for partnerships, official public notary statement for the allotted shares must be submitted;
  • One year valid construction license of the requested grade will be issued;
  • The whole process may take 2-3 days;



  • Other registrations of importance for company include Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Tourism, Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Agriculture, Authorney General’s Office, and the National Tender Board;
  • Certificate of the National Tender Board, and registration from the Local Authorities of the regions of operations are both condition to winning contracts besides validity of the construction license;
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