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Definition of Somaliland Citizenship:

  • According to Article 1 under the Somaliland Citizenship Law No. 22/2002, a citizen of Somaliland is defined s an individual who descended from persons who were resident in the territory of Somaliland on 26 June 1960 or before, and a person who had Somaliland citizenship conferred on him lawfully.
  • According to Article 2 of this law, a Somaliland citizen by birth is anyone whose father is a descendent of persons who resided in the territory of Somaliland on 26 June 1960 or before;
  • A Somaliland citizen by birth may acquire the citizenship of another country (dual nationality) without losing his Somaliland citizenship;
  • Unless he has not voluntarily renounced the right to Somaliland citizenship, any adult progeny of a male Somaliland citizen, who resides in a foreign country or is a citizen of another country or is a refugee in another country may acquire Somaliland citizenship on his first return to the territory of Somaliland;
  • ADULT:  means any citizen who is 15 years old or more, and CHILD: means any citizen who is younger than 15 years old;
  • REFUGEE: means a person who has been granted asylum and is resident in a host country, and ALIEN:means anyone who is not a Somaliland citizen.

Conferment of citizenship on a person who is an alien or a refugee:

  1. According to Article 4 of Somaliland Citizenship Law 22/2002, any alien or refugee who is lawfully resident in the territory of Somaliland and who applies for Somaliland citizenship may be granted such citizenship when he fulfills the following conditions:-
  2. He must be an adult
  3. He must have resided lawfully in the territory of Somaliland for an unbroken period of no less than 10 years,
  4. He must be known for his good character and behavior,
  5. He must not have been subject of a sentence for an offence proven in a court, and must not have participated in activities which were contrary to the sovereignty of Somaliland,
  6. He must have been taxpayer during his period of residence in the territory of Somaliland,
  7. He must submit a declaration in which he is renouncing his previous citizenship, and must, at the same time, make the oath set out in Article 6 of Somaliland Citizenship Law,
  8. Any person whose mother is a Somaliland citizen and has been proved to have no fathermay be granted citizenship if he applies for it and fulfils the conditions set out in this Law at paragraph 1 of this Article.

According to Article 5 of Somaliland Citizenship Law 22/2002, the conferment of citizenship as set out in Article 4 shall be undertaken by the President who shall issue it in a decree after he has considered the advice of the National Citizenship Committeee.  The Committee shall consist of 12 members of the Council of Ministers, and the Minister of Internal Affairs shall act as its Chairman.

For further information, click and read CITIZENSHIP LAW NO. 22/2002

Get Somaliland National Citizenship Identity Card:

The Issuance of Somaliland Nationality/citizenship Identity Cards is made in accordance to the Citizenship Law No. 22/2002  which states obtaining of confirmation of citizenship and all those who can acquire citizenship. The Law No. 37/2007 of the Voter Registration and its Amendment 2014 can also be referred to.  Based on these laws, as a citizen you can apply to have your citizenship identity card issued from the Civil Registration Department of the Ministry of Interior, and the Identity Offices (Xafiiska Taysarooyinka) of the Municipal Councils in all the regional capitals of Somaliland.

NOTE: Somaliland Diaspora Agency collaborates with the Ministry of Interior and Hargeisa Municipal Council to prove citizenship of the person from the Somaliland Diaspora and who needs to have the National ID since many Somalilanders from the Diaspora may not know about respective traditional Akils or their Akils stay in other regions.

Process for issuing National IDs for Somaliland Diaspora:  

  • Complete Application Form (Available at the Diaspora Agency Office);
  • A copy of your foreign passport;
  • Short interview (Answering few basic questions) for proving of your citizenship (Only if you are not recognized by the Diaspora Agency Team);
  • Get stamped Confirmation Letter;
  • Go to the Civil Registration Department of Hargeisa Municipality;
  • Get your National Identity Card from the Civil Registration Department of the Ministry of Interior;
  • The whole process may take you to 1-2 days;
  • NOTE: Holding the National ID is the first requirement for getting business licenses, or embarking other projects, and also for applying Somaliland Passport.

Obtain Ordinary Passport of Somaliland

The Republic of Somaliland has its own E-passport issued in accordance to the immigration laws of the country as processed by the Immigration Department of the Ministry of Interior of Somaliland.  It is a secure universal standard electronic passport carrying a chip of the holder’s information.  The Somaliland E-passport replaced the Old Passport which was used for more than a decade in 2015. There issued three types of passports being Ordinary Passport, Service Passport and Diplomatic Passport and each type have its own process of application for issuance.

Procedure for obtaining the ordinary passport of Somaliland is as follows:

Any Somaliland citizen can have the passport provided that the applicant meets the following requirements:-

  • A copy of his/her Nationality Identity Card of Somaliland;
  • A police testimonial statement from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID)
  • A crime clearance certificate from the Authorney General ‘s Office
  • 3 recent passport size photos
  • Completing the Passport Application Form before the Immigration Officer and
  • A receipt of $150 paid to the Ministry of Finance Revenue Office inside the Immigration Department;

The whole process may take you to 3-5 days or less time if you speed up.

Diaspora Registration

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