Waxa aan iclaaminnay horraantii sannadkan  “Mashruuca Qurbajoog Waxqabad Qaran,” oo ujeedadiisu tahay inaan kordhinno doorka Qurbajoogga ee ka qaybgalka waxqabadka, daryeelka, dayactirka, dhismaha iyo horumarka Qaranka JSL sida waafaqsan QHQ2. Jaalliyadaha Somaliland ee Maraykanka, Australia, iyo Kuwait waxa hore loogu qorsheeyay inay dhaqaale usoo ururiyaan ama soo maalgeliyaan waxqabado kala duwan sida ku muujisan jaantuska halkan ku lifaaqan, waxanana u rajaynayaa inay ka midho dhaliyaan qorshayaashooda waxqabad.
Waxa aan ugu baaqnay Gudiyada Jaalliyadaha inay uga faaiidaystaan xuska 18 May inay dhaqaale ururin sameeyaan, siina wadaan.
Jaalliyadda Somaliland ee UK  ama SSUK waxa ay ballanqaadeen inay soo caawiyaan mashruuca gebogebada ku dhaw ee Dugsiga Farsamada ee Haldoor.
Dhammaan Jaalliyadaha kale ee Somaliland ee dalalka Europe, Canada, UAE, S/Arabia, dalalka Afrika iyo daafaha kale ee caalamkaba, waxa aannu ugu baaqaynnaa inay munaasibadda xuska 18 May iyo bisha Barakaysan ee Ramadaan awgeed ka soo qaybqaataan ama soo caawiyaan waxqabadka “Rajo Gelinta Naafada Somaliland” ama “Diaspora Help Disable Hope) oo kadib markii aannu aragnay baahiyaha ka jira dhinaca bulshada naafada ah gaar ahaan Naafada Araga, Maqalka iyo qaybaha kaleba aannu u qorshaynay mashruucaas inay Qurbajoogga Somaliland ka soo caawiyaan dadkooda.
Sidoo kale, waxa aan ku  dhiirrigelinayaa dhammaan Jaalliyadaha, Gudiyada, ururada samafalka ee Qurbajoogga inay ka hawlgalaan sidii aan wax uga qaban lahayn baahiyaha kala duwan ee Mashruucani u jeedo oo qodobada halkan ku taxani ka midyihiin haddii ay tahay xubnaha jaalliyadda dhexdooda iyo haddii ay tahay iskaashi ay dhinacyo kale la sameeyaanba.


“In line with the Outcome under NDP II “Increasing Diaspora contribution 10% in the Private Business and the Public Sector by 2021”
Summary List of Prioritized and Planned Projects 201
NO Project Overview of objective(s) and activity(s) Assigned  communities/organizations, or committed activists in the Diaspora + REMARKS
1 West Side School Constructio This project is intended to fund construction of  eight classrooms primary school facilities in settlement near Hargeisa where over a thousand school age children are deprived of this fundamental right Somaliland Communities in the US fully pledged and are fundraising for this project of value about $70,000. SLDA signed related MoU with SL-Community in Greater Washington, Somaliland North America Women are also a key player in this project
2 M. Moge TVET School This is required contribution for M. Moge TVET School SSUK and the Somalilanders in UK are requested to contribute to this school which is one of the important projects in skilling young people in Somaliland
3 Diaspora Help Disable Hope This project aims to support people with visual, hearing and other disabilities in the areas of education, accessibility, mobility etc. It mainly relates to providing Braille equipments, assistive devices, ICTs, and other for the visually disabled, and the hearing impaired, assistance for the other physical disabilities as well, transports (Mini buses) for the existing centers in some of the major cities and et cetera.  It is nationwide initiative. All the Somallanders in the Diaspora are called for contributing to the basic needs and priorities of our people with disabilities. You can do this not only fundraising but also applying, asking for charities,  even seeking used equipments still useful for our people if available Somaliland Union of Virginia in Australia are especially assigned to contribute to purchasing a minibus ($10,000) for Blind Learning school (Braille Qur’anic Center), and other Somalilanders in Australia pledged to bring wheelchairs to 15 physically disabled persons, and we shared the list from HAYGABIN Database with them.
4 Holly Braille Education This project intends to provide Braille Qur’anic Kitabs (100 books) to visually disabled students, and its idea was raised by SAABIRIIN Organization which has Braille Qur’anic Teaching School in Hargeisa, and represented in the other regions, and Somaliland Blind Organization (SOBA) too. They need at least 100 Braille Qur’anic Kitabs to distribute to interested students, and existing centers, and it is nationwide initiative.

We asked Somallanders in Kuwait, UAE, and activists in the US. Particularly SL-Kuwait Community Committee made us promise to approach to related institutions. We are still urging all the Somalilanders in the Diaspora to contribute to this viable project

5 GARGAAR Health Aid This is other important project designed for the Diaspora in the developed world to approach all relevant institutions such as hospitals etc, and ask for useful medical equipments, machines etc both used and if new available that we can provide to and may be helpful  for our  hospitals, and health centers in Somaliland. NOTE: Make sure that you don’t pack a container with such used equipments whose transportation to Somaliland is more expensive than the items it contains. All the Somallanders in the Diaspora are called for contributing to this project by contacting with all the parties and authorities it may concern. If you may see an opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact us for further information of it, if you can find a container, more or less, there is opportunity for transporting them to Somaliland we can apply from other stakeholders in Somaliland. Those needed hospitals equipments include:  Ultrasound and MR machines,  X.ray achiness, infusion pumps, medical lasers, surgical machines, ,  anesthesia machines, Gastroscope,  Operating instrument sets, gynecology, microscopes, electrosurgical units, surgical tables, sterilizers, patient monitors,  and all machines and tools essential for diagnostics, treatment, and relevant services
6 USHA CAD Project The White Cane is very important and useful for the people with visual disabilities but neither the blind n Somaliland has it, nor there is awareness of the nation. SLDA has introduced this initiative which does not only aim to provide white canes but also to raise the public awareness in the use of this cane. This project is to offer up to 200 White Canes (Those fold, for adult and child) to blind persons in all the major cities, and districts All the Somallanders in the Diaspora are called for contributing to this project while each cost may not be higher than $20-$30 or some of them less. So far, few kind members from the Diaspora pledged to purchase from their pockets at least 30 pieces. We also asked some businesspeople to donate purchasing white canes for the blind in Somaliland
7 Sponsor Child from Diaspora There are thousands of orphaned and including abandoned children who are cared in different Orphanage Centers in the Capital and the most other major cities in Somaliland, whilst more than the number is still street children and straying. We designed this project to engage our Diaspora who are able to sponsor needy children both the orphaned, the abandoned, and the other neglected, the underage, and the other young under maturity. In addition, this project includes in supporting basic needs of the children under caring centers, and essential needs of those services involved as well. Sponsoring child from underage to adulthood in education, clothing, and other caring is bigger charity than many other things, and you can simply achieve this by offering as little as $25-$50 to sponsor an orphan, abandoned, or street child in cooperation with the existing Caring Centers in the major cities. SLDA is assisting in the process of identification of the needy child, and agreement between the Caring Institution and the Diaspora Sponsor
8  Diaspora Role in Emergencies This is an initiative for increasing Diaspora’s role in contributing to emergencies situations such as the effect of droughts, or other natural disaster resulted crisis such as floods, fire, and also helping vulnerable persons groups, IDPs, and patients. There are many a time patients whose health case cannot be treated at home and thus recommended for advanced medical help outside the country Fundraising or the recurrent droughts to help droughtaffected rural communities in the necessities of  water and food security
9 Qalinka Qurbajoogga (Diaspora Pen) or Tabaruc Tacliintaada It is intended to improve and accelerate Diaspora volunteer work and proper utilization of  their expertise for national interests and public serving through appropriate placements into respective institutions, and assignments when they return home on short vacations, and via E-volunteering – including internees Professional volunteers are always needed to volunteer in the most public serving delivering institutions such as ministers, hospitals, and other public serving centers both in the capital and more in the other regions. For instance, for the healthcare, particularly both clinical and technical volunteers would be very essential. Similarly, there is need for public servants skill and experience empowerment which the qualified professionals can offer trainings to them. In addition, Paperwork assignments for developing tools, proposals etc, ICTs, and technical consultancy for public institutions and projects etc  can be applied with the conforming Diaspora volunteering in Somaliland.
SLDA is facilitating referral and placement of both the professional volunteers and the Diaspora-born youth internees, and has close cooperation with the most public institutions, universities, and some business companies as well.

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