SOMALILAND DIASPORA AGENCY and FORUM SYD co-organized a consultation and sharing information meeting about a grant support for Somaliland Diaspora investors.

SOMALILAND DIASPORA AGENCY held meeting which was invited some Diaspora investors and other side members from Swedish Agency (FORUM SYD). and as the purpose of the meeting was, they presented an investment project to business community of Somaliland Diaspora.
After when the meeting was opened by the executive director of the agency HASSAN AHMED YUSUF , the director of planning and research department SAHRA MOHAMED HASHI and registration and database officer AHMED YUSUF DIRIR are noticed the participants to apply this an investment program from Swedish agency and benefit this opportunity .
The officers from the agency BASHIIR MAOHAMED HASHI and AHMED SULAIMAN OMER are answered more questions were asked about the project, the application process and requirements. “The agency is not an avenue for profit, we have started to help or finance the Swedish diaspora, but we are investing in all Somaliland Diaspora”.
The executive director of the diaspora, HASSAN AHMED YUSUF told increasing rate of the diaspora returning homeland and his statements include “we are happy to see more diaspora coming back and taking a part investment and job creation to our homeland”.

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